/ Millo Astoria /

Featuring  a sizable serene garden in the rear of the building, Millo Astoria offers a high-quality living standard through the combination of well-crafted architecture and natural surroundings. Clean line design provides urban space of elegance, simplicity and functionality.


re-a°d, designer architect for Millo, is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio with grounding in architecture.

Statement from Design Architect:

re-a°d is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio with grounding in architecture. It designed Millo for contemporary living in the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens.

Our built environment determines the way we think, move, interact, consume and connect to nature. re-a°d sees design as a canvas to ignite conversations and inspire evolutions. Each design is an opportunity to create the conditions to eat, live and work differently.

Great design must take a stand.

Based in Brooklyn and with French leadership, re-a°d currently works in the USA and Europe on residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Its team of architects, designers, engineers and craft-makers come together to produce a striking living experience through each project. It gathers our resources to understand the complexity of each scene, we step back to define the sharpest contours and observe the dominant colors, we eventually channel the light through the most truthful pathway. Every project is treated with a unique storyline that lights up the essence of the context and the interior spaces.

Architecture & Facade

Millo is located in a neighborhood that is featuring multiple scales of buildings. Small, large, flat, and stepped. By introducing featured ‘dark areas’ the building reads as multiple volumes, avoiding a monolithic appearance. The desire both to integrate in the existing Astoria city fabric and stand out as a new standard for living creates the classic yet striking elegance of Millo.

The façade is divided in
smaller segments that allow
the building to better relate
to the multiple scales of the
buildings in Astoria and
contribute to the village feel


Communal Garden

/ The Facility /

Millo was designed with the awareness that direct access to spacious outdoor space truly elevates the quality of living. Millo provides a ~7,100 sq. ft. communal garden available for the enjoyment of all residents. The spacious rear yard is nested by low-rise houses and buildings that are typical in Astoria. The rear yard of this size is a rare gem in New York City providing a peaceful and quiet place away from busy city living. The ~4,000 sq. ft. deck area provides communal dining tables/benches for social gatherings along with linear planters with Wintergreen Boxwood, Lily Turf and others. The ~3,000 sq. ft. graveled area provides a serene and quiet space arranged with colorful planters with Garden Sage, Muhly Grass, Black eyed Susan, Dianthus flowers, and others. Further, most residences at Millo have their own private outdoor space to enjoy.


Wintergreen Boxwood
Buxus sinica var.
‘Wintergreen’ Insularis


Japanese Pachysandra
Pachysandra terminalis


Carex evergreen


Jily Turf
Liriope muscari


Common Sage
Salvia officinalis


Dianthus flowers


Black Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta


Muhly Grass
Muhlenbergia capillaris


Phlox mix


Feather Reed Grass
Calamagrostis x acutiflora

Transition from Exterior to the Interior

/ Millo Astoria /

The lobby carries some of the language of the exterior of the building to its inside and proposes a transition between the colder metal materiality and the warmer natural palette that the intimate residences propose.

On one hand, the lines of the panels on the exterior finds themselves reinterpreted through feature walls of standing steel. On the other hand, wood elements and roman plasters are introduced. Leather, clay pots, and fabrics all layer up to create a cozy feel, half way between the elegance of a grand lobby and a living room.


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